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Transporter Sync Create Your Own Private Cloud Storage at Home

transporter sync cloud storage

Think of all those devices packed with photos, data, documents, movies, and notes that you would love to save to another device, but just do not have the confidence to send it out to a remote storage facility somewhere on the internet. Transporter Sync is a clever device that plugs into your home or office router for easy access by all your devices and connects to your external hard drives using USB. Think about that. You can take an inexpensive terabyte external drive, hook it to the Transporter Sync, and access it on your home network with every device in your house. You can backup your phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers all to one device, and even better, you can share the data with each other.

Transporter Sync provides one of the easiest to setup and least expensive solutions we have seen to this problem ever. Transporter Sync sells for $99 on the company’s website with no monthly fees.

Via GearHungry andĀ File TransporterĀ