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Ultimate Ears – In Ear Monitor with Serious Style

ultimate ears ue18 earbuds

The Ultimate Ears UE18 Pro pack a combination of serious sound quality and style into a tiny package.  Usually when you buy a high quality in ear monitor you sacrifice style.  The high quality sound always seems to be attached to boring style.  The Ultimate Ears is Logitech’s shot at correcting this problem.

The Ultimate Ears come in a variety of colors ranging from translucent red, blue, purple, and even clear.  If you want something a little more outrageous check into the custom colors and earplugs available from Ultimate Ears.  Take it one more step up and you can order from dozens of styles embossed on the earpieces from top artists and designers from around the world. 

These earbuds are not just focused on the style but are packed with high technology sound reproduction.  They were designed for use by performers and highly discerning listeners who demand perfect sound quality.

These are not the off-the-shelf headset you find by walking into your local retail stores.

The Ultimate Ears UE18 Pro model starts at $1350, with the UE1 model starting at $449.

Via TheFancy, can be purchased at UltimateEars.