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USB 2.0 Gun – Securing Your Data A New Way

usb gun flash drive

Have you ever wanted to carry a gun from home to the office?  This is one gun which can be loaded with your most dangerous ammo, your documents, spreadsheets, notes, and ideas.

The Gun USB 2.0 Flash Memory is available in 512MB, 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, and even a 64GB model for those killer jobs.  Imagine sitting down in a meeting in the conference room, waving your gun informing the attendees no one can leave the room until you are finished.  You can then whip off the butt of the gun, plug it into your laptop and whip them into a frenzy with flowcharts, videos, and presentations you stored on your gun. 

This cool little USB 2.0 Memory gun carries a lifetime warranty.  This clever little gun even offers password protection for your critical files.  Of course who is going to mess with the geek carrying a gun?

Everyone in the office is going to know you are the guy in charge as you carry this tiny gun around.  It measures only 78mm x 68mm and is only 12mm thick making it easy to drop in a pocket.  Just remember, this is not the memory stick you want to take to the airport with you.

Via The Fancy can be purchased at Eleshine EC21