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USB Film Roll

usb storage: usb film roll

Now here is an awesome gift for any photo geek Рthe USB Film Roll. This USB flash drive, camouflaged in a recycled film canister is an awesome piece of work. Remember back in the hay day, where you could only fit 24-36 images on a roll a film? Well, those days are long gone but you cans till enjoy that look of having a film can as your USB stick. Enjoy the possibilities of storing thousands of photos on your USB Film Roll. This USB drive hold 4GB of data to be exact and will cost you around $20. Another cool thing about this is that upon making your order, you never know what canister your going to end up with because they are sent out at random. If you enjoyed our Iron Man 2 Helmet USB Flash Drives I am sure this USB Stick would be much appreciated as well. This really makes a perfect gift. 

usb storage: usb film roll1

usb storage: usb film roll2

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