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Vertu Releases the Constellation Android Phone

vertu constellation android phone

The Android phone market is packed with news from Samsung, Sony, Nokia, and other major players, so why should you pay attention when the small Vertu unleashed a new phone? It is called quality. The new Vertu phone is a Rolls Royce quality phone compared to the generic quality phones from most players. How different is the Vertu? Each phone is built by a single craftsman by hand. It is only signed by him and released for shipment when he is 100% happy. The phone has a pebbled leather back. The front is a sapphire crystal that is so strong you can drop a 200 gram steel ball on the surface and it just bounces off. Inside the phone is packed with just as much quality. The sound system is packed with clarity and software filters to give you the highest quality calls and media playback on the market. You get 720p playback, a 13 megapixel camera, and more quality than you have ever experienced.

Yes, this is the camera at the top of the quality and luxury heap, but are you ready to drop over $6000 on your next phone? When you see the Vertu Constellation, you may say YES.





Via Vertu