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Can This Really Be Possible? Volvo is Developing In-Dash Facial Recognition to Identify Distracted Driving


Volvo has been a leader in automotive safety for decades, and in recent years it has been the front runner in technologies to reduce accidents from distracted driving. Now, Volvo is working on a cutting edge new idea that pair facial recognition technology with pattern recognition to detect when a driver is becoming sleepy or distracted so they can warn the driver. When paired with Volvo’s other distracted driver technology, the odds of accidents should reduce dramatically.

Interestingly, Volvo’s press release makes it very clear the system does not maintain imagery to protect driver and passenger privacy. That is a very refreshing announcement in this era of decreasing privacy at every corner. More safety, plus a commitment to privacy. It sounds like Volvo is leading the pack once again.

distracted driver accident prevention


Via Volvo