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XD Design Solar Window Charger by XD Modo

XD Design Solar Window Charger by XD Modo

Are you tired of wasting electrical juice to power up your digital camera, MP3 player, and other handheld devices?  Do you want to take a more eco-friendly path to charging?  The XD Design Solar Window Charger from XD Modo may be excactly what you are looking for. The XD Design Solar is one of the best new gadgets on the market.  It easily sticks to your window to capture the maximum amount of solar power and manages to look great with a great looking silver back facing into the room.  The look appears reminiscent of a rear view mirror.

The XD Design Solar contains a 1400 mAh battery to store power.  It has connections for both a standard USB or mini USB cable.  You can use the same USB cables you would connect to your PC or Mac for charging your iPod, MP3 player, or any other USB charged device. The XD Design Solar costs only 49.90 Euro or about $71.  You may even want one for home and one to keep in your car.

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