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Xploderz Water Pellet Guns

For all those times that you went to play paintball and returned bruised and full of paint there is now a new pellet gun on the block. The Xploderz Water Pellet Gun is the perfect solution to paintball without the messiness from the paint. You can pick one up for around $15-$40 and have an awesome time outside on a hot day. The pellets are made out of a super absorbent substance that grows once in contact with water. All you need to do is throw the pellets its a pool of water, watch them grow, load your weapons of choice: XBlaster 200, XStormer 1000, or the sniper-style XRanger 2000 and have the time of your life. Everything about this weapon is eco-friendly so no worries on that front. Pick one up today.

Buy it at Xploderz via Uncrate