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YotaPhone 2 – The Two Screen Smartphone

yotaphone 2

YotaPhone 2 may challenge your beliefs about how a smartphone should look and work. The phone features two different displays, one on each side. The first side is a traditional Android color screen. It is the second side that changes everything. YotaPhone 2 has an e-Ink display on the second side. The e-Ink display is always on giving you updates on important information, or just showing off your latest choice of wallpapers. One of the most impressive features of the dual-display phone is battery life. You get 2 days of normal functions, similar to top phones from Apple, Samsung, Nokia, and others, but that is just half the story. The e-Ink display gives you up to 5-days of reading time.

The e-Ink display is readable in sunlight, from greater angles, and reduces eye-strain with its high-contrast e-paper format. You can even swap all of your Android apps over to the e-Ink side to extend battery life. After watching this short video, you may be ready to trade in your iPhone or Galaxy for something even better.

Via High Snobiety and YotaPhone