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4 Rivers Floating Lodge in Cambodia

4 rivers lodge cambodia

When you think about Cambodia what images spring to mind? Do you picture a quiet amazing get away filled with natural sounds and adventure? That is exactly what you will find at the 4 Rivers Floating Lodge in Cambodia.

The Lodge is a series of floating rooms tethered together along a beautiful stretch of wide quiet water. The 4 Rivers Lodge boasts a great restaurant and amazingly comfortable rooms created from 100% Eco-friendly materials. The entire concept of the lodge is to provide an amazing experience for guests while blending safely into the surrounding ecology.

Imagine hearing the quiet sounds of the river lapping up against the edge of your lodges float.  Picture sitting in the restaurant watching nature surrounding you and the water flowing quietly by.

If you desire a little more excitement you can travel just a short ways from the Lodge and discover white water rapids or visit the local natives who partner with the Lodge.

The 4 Rivers Floating Lodge will completely redefine how you picture Cambodia.  You can learn more through their website.






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