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Vacation in a Cave at Corte San Pietro Hotel in Italy

In the Corte San Pietro area of Italy you find homes and businesses crafted right into the hillsides, with residents living in the fabled Cave City district. The Corte San Pietro Hotel is not a cold, damp, and dank cave. It is an elegant hotel

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The Blissful Escape for Reality, Castello Di Reschio

Some people call Castello Di Reschio the most beautiful hotel on the world, but we prefer to think of it as the most blissful hotel on the planet. The hotel is located in the quiet Umbrian hills of Italy and consists of thousands of acres

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Casa Joia Portugal

Ocean waves crashing into rocky croppings and sandy beaches. A crystal blue swimming pool is built right into the patio overlooking the beach below. A home designed for 4 to 5 adults to play and enjoy life to the fullest featuring comfortable beds, plush couches,

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World’s Largest Buddha Statues Carved in a Cliff

The Sichuan Province of China is filled with sacred areas of Buddhist worship. Two areas in the Sichuan Province will astound you with their tribute to Buddha. The first is the massive 71 meter high Buddha carved from a cliff in Lingyun Hill. The head

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36 Incredible Places To See On Earth

Are you a big dreamer? You want to visit the most magnificent sites, or is that sights, in the world. When you choose from this list of 36 Amazing Places, you will not care if it should be sites or sights, since these sites packed

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Villa Kiana Moving Into Heaven on Earth

There are resorts in Thailand that leave you speechless with their beauty and the majesty of the surrounding area. What if you could buy your own villa that made those amazing resorts pale in comparison? The Villa Kiana is a three bedroom escape to Thai