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Montasero Santa Rosa Hotel and Spa

Close your eyes and picture the most tranquil, magnificent, beautiful location for a hotel and spa. What you just envisioned is the reality you find at Montasero Santa Rosa Hotel and Spa. This getaway is hidden along the Amalfi Coast in Italy. Imagine how tranquil

stratosphere hotel las vegas

Stratosphere Hotel and Tower in Las Vegas

The Stratosphere Hotel, Casino, and Tower are one of those Las Vegas venues you do not want to bypass. The hotel is first class throughout. The casino is top of the line, but the real fun begins when you head into the Stratosphere Tower. This

hanging pool joule hotel dallas

Hanging Pool at Joule Hotel in Dallas

Are you ready to swim out into open space? The Joule Hotel in downtown Dallas has a pleasant surprise for their guests when they choose to take a swim in their pool. The pool is located on the rooftop and extends a full eight feet out