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Prahran Hotel in Melbourne

Prahran Hotel

Step into our massive concrete sewer pipe and enjoy your evening. Would you ever choose to hide away in over-sized concrete pipes? If you have the chance to visit the Prahran Hotel in Melbourne, you will not only get a chance, you will beg for the opportunity. The Prahran recently finished another round of renovating upgrades that turn their bar into one of the most unique locations in Australia. The bar has as series of concrete pipes stacked upon each other with windows facing out to the world. Inside the pipes are lavish tables, chairs, and beautiful woodwork that befits the quality of the Prahran. As you sit inside your section of concrete pipe, you will forget you are sitting inside a pipe like a common hobo beside a railway, except your pipe is a five-star creation where you dine, drink, and laugh in an environment unlike any other place in the world.

When you get over your amazement at the Concrete Pipe Bar, explore the rest of the Prahran Hotel for even more pleasant surprises.











Via His Potion and Prahran Hotel in Melbourne