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Spitbank Fort, The Secluded Island Dream Vacation

Spitbank Fort

Just off the shore of Solent on the south edge of England is a small island fortress named Spitbank Fort. The fortress was built 135 years ago, in 1878, to defend England from invaders crossing the English Channel. In 2009 this round fortress was sold to a development group who kept the massive power of the fortress, but transformed the inner circle into England’s most prestigious getaway. The Spitbank Fort is now an 18 room luxury hotel that entertains the finest of the World’s society. You are away from the bustling cities, businesses, and traditional life, surrounded by the ocean on all 360 degrees for the fortress’s circular wall. The suites boast luxury usually reserved for 5-Star Hotels and the service is even better. One look at the romantic setting, the fire-pit, the sauna, hot pool, and other luxuries will make you certain, this is the kind of place James Bond would whisk his Bond woman away to at the end of the movie.

Y0u can make reservations to the Spitbank Fort online, with overnight Fort Break bundles starting around $770.





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