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Sunborn Gibraltar the 5-Star Yacht Hotel

sunborn gibraltar yacht

The Ocean Village Marina in Gibraltar fills with luxury yachts on a daily basis, but towering over all the other yachts is one that never moves, the Sunborn Gibraltar. This massive “yacht” is not intended to leave the dock, it is a 5-star hotel sitting on the water along the Marina boardwalks. Calling this a yacht is almost an understatement. It is closer to a small cruise ship with 189 luxury suites, ball rooms, fine dining, swimming, and incredible service. Imagine the fanciest hotel you have stepped through the doors of and that should help you envision the feeling you shall have when boarding this stationary Hotel Yacht. Sunborn has plans to add two more luxury Yacht Hotels to their non-sailing fleet, one in London and the other in Barcelona.

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Via Airows and Sunborn Gibraltar