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Sweden’s Most Primitive Hotel Drags You Back Centuries in Time


How much would you pay to live like loggers from centuries ago? At Sweden’s Kolarbyn Ecolodge, you pay $60 to live in a hut that is covered in moss, has no running water, no electricity, no bathroom, and no room service. The Kolarbyn Ecolodge is a group of 12 lodges built in the style of protective huts the loggers used in ancient times. The huts grow out of the ground, with wooden walls on the interior and a simple smoke stack rising from the top. The sloping walls are covered in soil with fresh moss growing wildly up and down the sides.

The huts natural appearance makes them almost invisible in the forest. If you feel like roughing it for a few days to escape stress, the rat race, and technology, there is no better place.


The forest hut Jesper in Kolarbyn




The romantic hut in Kolarbyn



Via HiConsumption and Kolarbyn Ecolodge on Wild Sweden