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how to perfectly iron a shirt

MR PORTER Teaches Us How To Perfectly Iron A Shirt

The following video brought to you by MR PORTER is imperative to watch as everyone should know how to properly iron a shirt to always get that perfect and crisp result. Don’t slack on this one!  

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Skydiving Google Executive Shatters Record Leaping From 135,890 Feet

Google executive, Alan Eustace, had a vision that reached to the stratosphere, literally. Alan teamed up with StratEx and Paragon Space Development to come up with a plan to shatter Felix Baumgartner’s record from just two years ago. Their design not only shattered the record, it

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Whisky Tasting 101 by Highland Park Whisky

Many of us have been to wine tasting parties and have learned the basics of tasting wine, but not many of us have learned the basics of whisky tasting, until now. Highland Park Whisky has set out to correct this error in education with their

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Incredible 10 Hour Time Lapse of Ohio Amish Barn Raising

This video is going to amaze you. You have probably heard that many times, but you are going to be shocked as you watch this team of Amish erect a two building barn in a single day. The entire processes was collapsed down to just

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Living With Jigsaw

Gary has been cursed. He made the ominous decision that it would be cool to live with Jigsaw, the terror from the Saw movies. As you are about to see, Gary was horribly wrong. Jigsaw’s evil mind, fueled by Chris Capel’s equally evil mind, has

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7 Incredible Smartphone Photography Tips. #1 Is Awesome!

Using your smartphone to take photographs and selfies has become a passion for most of us, but we could do better. This video shows us 7 of the coolest tricks for using your smartphone more effectively, and much more creatively. The tips include the cheap