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Breaking Bad Theme MetroGnome Style

breaking bad theme song

Breaking Bad was that oasis in your boring week. It was that vision of something new that kept you coming back week-after-week, but now its gone. Your lust for the show still rages, but nothing new is on the horizon, at least there wasn’t until MetroGnome ripped apart the theme song and recreated it into something scintillating and sexy, just like the show. MetroGnome revitalized the theme song in his own special style, which you will not believe until you watch him pound it out on his synth-board.

Even if you were never a fan of Breaking Bad (heresy), you must take a look at MetroGnome in action. He will leave you spellbound as he remakes the theme into something even more daring than a Breaking Bad plot line.

Via Cool Material and Its MetroGnome