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A Very Heartwarming Dots Marriage Proposal

dots marriage proposal

Do you play Dots? It is an addictive game for your mobile devices that millions of people love. Shawn’s girlfriend was one of those addicts, which gave Shawn an incredible idea. Shawn reached out to the staff at Dots and asked if there was any way they could make a customized version of the game special for Cassie to help him propose. How could they refuse such a sweet request? The team at Dots created the special version and then helped Shawn capture the magic moment. Cassie played the game to be rewarded with a special message from Dots, with Shawn’s message asking if she would marry him. Shawn dropped to his knee and repeated the question, while presenting Cassie with the ring. How could she say anything except “YES!”

We wish to congratulate Shawn and Cassie, and give a big kudos to the staff at Dots for making a magical moment.