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Ferrari Enzo Does Donuts in a Warehouse

ferrari enzo donuts

What would you expect to happen when you combine an auto loving photographer, 3 friends with Ferrari’s, and a massive empty warehouse? You got it! You get fun and mayhem as the drivers take turns spinning donuts in their Ferrari Enzo’s to break in the new Garaged storage warehouse before it is packed full of classic cars, sports cars, and other wheeled wonders that need off-street protection. Photographer GF Williams had the pleasure of capturing all the mayhem as the cars spun and smoked tires inside the new facility laying claim to the floors pristine concrete. It is almost like a dog raising its leg to mark his territory, the Ferrari trio has made it clear, this is sacred automotive turf, just like the owner’s of Garaged intend.

You can capture more of GF Williams photo of the Ferrari Donut fest and other intriguing automotive shots on his Facebook Page.

Via GF Williams Photography on Facebook