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First Human Ever To Run A Loop-The-Loop. Stunned The World!


Bicycles, motorcycles, skateboards, and cars have all done loops, racing at top speed to let their centrifugal force keep them glued to the loop without falling. You have probably even experienced the feeling on a roller coaster, but no human has ever ran a loop, until now. Stuntman Damien Walters likes a challenge that no one has ever done before. With Pepsi Max as his sponsor, Damien setup to make his attempt to run the loop. After many practice runs with protective pads in place and zero success, he made the decision to go all out for success. He pulled the mats, took a couple practice run ups, and then made history by racing around the loop, with his feet staying contact through the entire loop.

Damien staggered as he exited the ramp, but his stumble quickly turned to a smile of victory as realized what he had just accomplished. Who is next?

Via Airows and Pepsi Max on YouTube