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This Ice Falling From A Rooftop in Texas Is An Epic Must-See Moment

ice falling rooftop texas

Capturing incredible moments requires having your camera at the ready and being in the right spot at the right moment. NBC viewer Rachel E managed to have that perfect combination as she captured cascading tiles of ice breaking free and sliding from a roof in Grapevine, Texas a short distance from Dallas. It is unusual enough to have ice storms, but then to watch as heavy tiles of ice create a waterfall effect crashing to the ground caught people off-guard. The image is beautiful, but dangerous. Luckily, no one was underneath the edge of the roof when the ice broke free and started its slide to the ground.

As Rachel E learned, being able to capture a cool moment in history does not require the best equipment or training in photography. It just requires being ready and being in the right place.

Via Gizmodo and NBC in Dallas-Fort Worth