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Incredible 10 Hour Time Lapse of Ohio Amish Barn Raising

amish farm time lapse

This video is going to amaze you. You have probably heard that many times, but you are going to be shocked as you watch this team of Amish erect a two building barn in a single day. The entire processes was collapsed down to just 3 1/2 minutes by Scott Miller. Scott captured the action at twenty second intervals and then stitched them together into high speed action. The Amish workers look like ants moving rapidly and with extreme precision as the barn is raised piece by piece at amazing speed. The time lapse video adds drama, but is it any more dramatic than the fact that this team of men built a two building barn in a single day?

The most astonishing fact is barn raisings are a common event in Amish communities. The men know their strengths and weaknesses and come together to make magic happen. Their antiquated ways are often more powerful than anything a modern construction company could accomplish.