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Jean-Claude Van Damme’s Epic Split Powered by Volvo Trucks


53 years old and still daring and slightly insane. Jean-Claude Van Damme took on a stunt to promote Volvo Trucks Dynamic Steering system that gives smoother more precise control in fashion that as Van Damme states is “Epic”. Van Damme stands poised on tiny platforms mounted on the rear view mirrors of two Volvo Trucks as they slowly edge apart while driving in REVERSE down a smooth runway. Van Damme goes into one of his classic deep splits as the trucks pull pull him apart to his longest possible reach. Is it a camera trick? All reports indicate the only safety precautions used for the stunt were the small rear view mirror platforms and a single safety line to make sure Van Damme did not splatter to the ground. The trucks are real. The driving is real. The split is EPIC.

Van Damme continues to amaze at 53 years old, but his skill level is matched by the two professional drivers smoothly separating the pair of tractor-trailers for a single take stunt that is 100% Epic.

Via Volvo Trucks