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Living With Jigsaw

living with jigsaw

Gary has been cursed. He made the ominous decision that it would be cool to live with Jigsaw, the terror from the Saw movies. As you are about to see, Gary was horribly wrong. Jigsaw’s evil mind, fueled by Chris Capel’s equally evil mind, has set out to destroy Gary’s life. In this hilarious romp of “Living with Jigsaw”,¬†Gary is forced to deal with a toilet stuffed with double ply paper towels and dirty socks, which is threatening to overrun onto his electronic gear. Of course, it could not be that easy, he must cross a floor covered with razor blades, or is it?

Creator Chris Capel’s sarcastic humor comes roaring through in this fantastic play on Jigsaw, and how it would be to live with the tiny evil. Imagine waking up with cocked mousetraps all over your bed. You will never watch a Saw movie the same way again.

Via Chris Capel on Vimeo