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LJ Frezza Takes Seinfeld’s Show About Nothing to No One


Video insanity prevails as LJ Frezza takes Seinfeld’s statement about his show being about nothing to a new extreme. Frezza clipped out scenes from the show that feature not nothing, but no one, combining them into a fascinating clip that remembers the nothingness of Seinfeld. We see all of the buildings highlighted in the show, from Seinfeld’s apartment building to business centers, and even the diner across the street. All of them with one bizarre twist. They are devoid of life. LJ Frezz a found scenes from the show that feature no one in the windows, on the streets, or at the tables, creating one of the most bizarre, but amazing Seinfeld tributes in recent memory.

Sit back and enjoy the emptiness of the nothingness of Seinfeld from LJ Frezza.

Via The Awesomer and LJ Frezza