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Frightening Nuclear Explosion Video Map Tracks Nuclear Tests from 1945 to 1998 And It’s Chilling

nuclear explosions

How many nuclear bombs have been detonated on our planet? Are you under the impression there has only been a handful of tests and the two dramatic explosions in Japan? Between 1945 and 1998 there were 2053 nuclear explosions unleashed on our planet. The tests began at a slow pace during after 1945’s initial tests by the USA, but by the early 1960’s nuclear testing was reaching a feverish pace that may leave you astounded our planet has survived. Tests slows dropped in frequency with the last officially recorded test being in Pakistan in 1998. There is scientific evidence other tests and explosions have occurred in North Korea since that time, but without official validation.

The map created by Japan’s Isao Hashimoto helps remind us that our planet is at risk. Nations willfully detonated 2053 nuclear explosions during those years, but just because the testing stopped, it does not mean the stockpiles disappeared.

Via So Bad So Good and the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organization