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Dubai Has A $6.5 Million Police Car Fleet

To keep up with the wealthy residents in Dubai that spend millions on supercars, the local police force had to step their game up. That is exactly what they did with their $6.5 million fleet of cars. Their impressive collections includes a Brabus B63S Widestar

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The Underground Lamborghini Gangs Of Japan

There is a lot that goes down behind the scenes in Japan, here is one of them. If you are a Lamborghini enthusiast there is a gang for that. Japan-based director Luke Huxham takes us behind the scenes, in what is, a very unique opportunity

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Will This Woman Notice Her Homeless Family? Watch With Tissue.

Living in a big city you are use to seeing the homeless walking and sitting around but do you even notice who they are? In an incredibly eye-opening social experiment the people at NYC Rescue Mission dressed people’s family members as homeless people to see