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Skydiving Google Executive Shatters Record Leaping From 135,890 Feet

google executive skydiving

Google executive, Alan Eustace, had a vision that reached to the stratosphere, literally. Alan teamed up with StratEx and Paragon Space Development to come up with a plan to shatter Felix Baumgartner’s record from just two years ago. Their design not only shattered the record, it did it in a dramatically different fashion. Felix’s parachute was done in a capsule, while Alan Eustace leaped from 10,000 feet higher in a spacesuit. Alan was lifted aloft by a helium filled space balloon, taking over 2 hours to reach the height. The climb was spectacular, but the descent is what turn Alan into a legend. Alan reached speeds of 822 MPH on his descent shattering the sound barrier causing a sonic boom that was heard on the ground by his crew.

One of the most surprising parts of the entire event was the controlled and careful landing in New Mexico, which almost seemed anti-climatic to all the drama before.

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