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Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise Scares Customers Out the Door

telekinetic coffee shop surprise

A New York coffee shop was taken over by a hidden camera crew, special effects technicians, and actors to scare the daylights out of unsuspecting New York City coffee drinkers. The technicians rigged pictures on the walls, books on the shelves, tables, chairs, and other items in the restaurant to move at the mental telekinetic commands of an irate female customer. One male actor was harnessed to slam against a wall, sliding several feet from the floor from her vicious anger. As customers streamed into the store, the male actor inadvertently spills coffee on her laptop bringing on a Carrie-esque explosion of anger, sending the man pounding into the wall. As she allows him to fall to the floor her anger explodes sending tables flying, books tumbling, and pictures sailing off the walls.

As you can guess, this amazing stunt was produced for Sony Pictures to promote the upcoming release of Carrie to the theaters. Their YouTube upload has gone viral with nearly 25 million views at this time.