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The Creepy Tale of Charles Addams Creator of The Addams Family

charles addams tale of addams family

Dilapidated empty houses with rumors of ghosts, witches, and evil sounds straight out of the story line of the Addams Family TV series and movies, but it was also the real life journeys of Charles Addams the odd creator of  the Addams Family story. Charles lived on a street filled with run down abandoned homes he passed as he walked home from schools. The stories that ran through his head were the beginnings of his inspiration for his characters. As an adult, Charles’ penchant for the macabre creep life did not change. His idea of the perfect picnic spot to take his girlfriend, later his wife, was to the local cemetery. What we thought of as odd, funny, and creepy characters were the real life meanderings of this unique writer and storyteller.

You can learn more about Charles Addams by watching the mini-documentary about his life on YouTube.

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