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The Walking Dead Piano Cover

the walking dead piano cover

Incredible! Standing Applause Required! The Walking Dead Piano Cover video created by Stan Lee’s World of Heroes and the amazingly talented Sonya Belousova will blow you away. They take the theme of the Walking Dead and give it class, drama, and a piano and violin ensemble that is magnificent.

Watching Sonya pound out music on a piano that looks like death has already consumed it is fun, but when one of the Walking Dead Zombies lifts a crackled old violin and joins in the musical creation the fun takes another leap. In true Stan Lee and Walking Dead fashion the video includes a heart-rending end that you must see.

One of the coolest parts of this production is the fact the team asks us for requests. What horror, fantasy, or hero theme would you like to see Sonya put to music and the talented team from Stan Lee’s World of Heroes turn into a few minutes of pure mayhem?

Via Stan Lee’s World of Heroes on YouTube