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What It’s Like To Pick Up Your Very Own Bugatti Veyron

bugatti pickup

There’s a time in every person’s life where they kick it and just think of what they would do if they won the lottery and what would they would splurge on. In our case, we always wanted a Bugatti Veyron, or at least the opportunity to sit behind the wheel of one.

In this video, you can see as a proud new Bugatti owner drives down from Los Angeles to San Diego to pick up the car in a fancy white Maybach. Not too shabby!

Arriving at the scene, the proud new owner takes the opportunity to speak with the dealer who might I add, shows up in a sparkling white Bentley, and completes the transaction. We know we’d be jumping for joy and peeling off, but I guess that this is the best footage you can get.

How would you feel behind the wheel of a $1.6 million dollar machine?