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Whisky Tasting 101 by Highland Park Whisky

whisky tasting 101

Many of us have been to wine tasting parties and have learned the basics of tasting wine, but not many of us have learned the basics of whisky tasting, until now. Highland Park Whisky has set out to correct this error in education with their Whisky Tasting 101 lessons from whisky tasting pro Gerry Tosh. The 5 minute video steps you through all the basics so you can learn to discern between a great whisky, an average whisky, and rotgut whisky, without looking at the price tag. Gerry starts out by telling us the importance of glass shape, and the total lack of importance in the darkness of the whisky. He quickly explains why you should never swirl your whisky like you do wine before tasting.

Take a few minutes to listen to Gerry’s advice, but make sure you do it with a bottle of whisky beside you so you can practice. Obviously, Highland Park Whisky hope it is one of their excellent whiskys you choose.