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All Blacks Endurer Chronosprint by Bulgari

bulgari endurer chronosprint watch

The All Blacks Endurer Chronosprint is Inspired by the All Blacks rugby squad of New Zealand.  Bulgari created the new All Blacks special edition watch to celebrate their partnership with the squad.

The normal Endurer Chronosprint is a tough, durable stainless steel casing.  To get the right feel for this David Roth creation the All Blacks watch uses the same steel casing but is now a deep black color.  On the back of the watch you will find the All Blacks team logo and name. 

The watch uses a 34-Jewel Swiss movement to keep accurate time and sports a 45 hour power reserve.  Of course the odds of you leaving the watch laying around for 45 hours without putting it on are pretty slim.

Even if you are not a All Blacks Ruby team supporter this watch is going to catch your eyes.  This is one watch which looks like a Rugby players watch.  It is big, strong, black, and impressive.   100% MALE.

Do not start hunting to buy this watch online.  Bulgari is only offering this item through their dealers internationally.  You can get a list of their dealers through their website at Bulgari Endurer Chronosprint.

Via The Fancy and HypeBeast