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Bell & Ross Vintage 126 Blackbird

bell ross vintage 126 blackbird

Sometime in October, Bell & Ross will start shipments of one of their coolest looking watches to date. The watch is not a new design. It is actually a throwback to older times, a true member of their Vintage collection. The watch is the Bell & Ross Vintage 126 Blackbird. The chronograph design gives you all the critical data on four dials. One of the coolest features of the watch is the orange canvas strap with steel pin. The band gives the watch the look and feel of a watch that lived in trenches, the sky, and on board ships in a foregone era. The black PVD finish on the case takes us to the future, with the case being inspired by the stealth Blackbird aircraft. The combination creates a watch that is fascinating.

You can order a Vintage 126 Blackbird for just over $7000.




Via Bless This Stuff and Bell & Ross