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Breitling Chronospace Military Watch

breitling chronospace military watch

It does not matter if you are a military pilot, pilot a commercial jet, or are just a passenger back in the economy seats, you will look great in the Breitling Chronospace Military. The watch uses Breitling’s SuperQuartz thermoconpensated quartz electronic, analog, and digital display to let you tell time your way. The chronograph is accurate down to 1/100th of a second and stays accurate for over 2 years on a single battery. You can set alarms, a countdown timer, and even set the watch to keep track of a second time zone for when you are gone on those overseas trips.

The all-black design gives the watch a tough military appearance and can live up to the standards. The face is glare proof and helps to provide the watch’s 5 bar water resistance rating. You will be ready to action whether it is on a military mission, or just being on time for a hot date.

Via Breitling