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Bremont Codebreaker Watch

bremont code breaker watch

Bremont Watch in partnership with Bletchley Park Trust are creating a series of the historically significant watches that pay tribute to the men and women who endeavored to save Britain and the world in the Bletchley Park Codebreaker complex. The watches are not simply a tribute by name, but actually use a rotor made from the wheel of an Enigma Code Breaker machine, like the ones used in the Bletchley Complex. In addition to the rotor, Bremont added a sliver pine from the floors of the facility in the crown of every watch.

Only 290 total Bremont Codebreaker watches will be produced, 240 from steel and 50 more from gold. Just as critical as all the historical impact, intricate watch design, and incredible accuracy, is the fact that Bremont is contributing a percentage of the sale of each watch to fund the Bretchley Park Restoration project. Pricing has not been announced, but you can learn more details about the watch and Bletchley Park on Bremont’s website.

Via Bremont