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Breva Genie 01 Watch

breva genie watch

How many features should a $150,000 watch have? The Breva Genie 01 Watch starts off by being beautiful, but that is not nearly enough to justify that price. Maybe the fact this is a highly limited edition watch helps to escalate the watch into the stratosphere of cool watches. It could be the fact the watch uses three separate crowns so you can adjust time, wind the watch, fine-tune the altimeter, or get the barometric pressure to weather man accuracy.

It might be the fact the watch allows you to adjust the air pressure to match wherever you are to prolong the life and at the same time it filters out the moisture to make sure the watch never has a fogged crystal. It even includes a tiny red light to warn you when you left the air seal open, to make sure you don’t do something silly. The watch even sports a tiny reserve power indicator to remind you to get in motion or wind-up the power. Of course, the main reason it is $150,000 is the coolness factor, and that it has in spades.

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