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D.M.H. Custom Watch

dmh custom mens watch

How would you like to be the owner of one of the most exclusive watches in the world?  No, it is not a Rolex or other high-end brand you are familiar with, it is the D.M.H.

The D.M.H. watches are created by Fred Dingemans and his master watchmaker Frans De Groot.  Fred is responsible for working with clients to create a unique one of a kind watch for each individual client.  They work together to determine the color of the face and hands.  The style of the band.  Every little item which goes into the watch.  Then Fred goes to work using his watch making tools to create the watch.

Frans on the other hand takes classic mechanical movements, the Tenor Dorley movements, and disassembles, rebuilds, and lubricates them with painstaking precision.

Once the two portions are brought together you have one of the amazing mechanical DMH Watches.  Only 24 lucky buyers will receive this experience per year.  Will you be one of the lucky few?

You can learn more and order a watch through DMH