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Filicudi Watch – AB Watches

Filicudi Mens Watch

Alessanro Baldieri gets it.  He understands exactly what a man wants in a watch.  He wants a watch which looks strong, carries a masculine simple style, but still manages to ooze class and style out of every pore.  The Filicudi Watch manages to hit every one of those marks.The black band is backed with a vibrant green giving the watch a unique look while maintaining the classic black band men enjoy. The watch face is ruggedly handsome with easy to read hands. 

Every aspect of this watch screams STRONG.  It looks ready for action and can stand up to some serious action.  For a high-end timepiece the Filicudi is priced reasonably at 428 EURO about 600 USD.

If you want a watch which exudes a strong masculine feel with the quality and style to be comfortable at the golf course or the ballet this Filicudi is nearly perfect.

The watch comes with a 2 year warranty in the highly unlikely case you have any trouble.

Purchase via LuisaViorama