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Harry Winston Histoire de Tourbillon 4 Watch

harry winston histoire de tourbillon 4

It is time for you to sit back and stare in awe. The Harry Winston Histoire de Tourbillon 4 watch is incredible to see. The multi-domed crystals are one of the first things that will catch your eyes. The 4 individual dials for time capture your attention and make you wonder how the timepiece manages to keep in all in-sync.

The watch is amazingly accurate. Harry Winston claims the watch is accurate to within a split second over days of use. The watch uses a self-winding mechanism that stores up to 50 hours of reserve power. That lets you put the watch away for two full days before it stops ticking, but who in their right mind is going to let this incredible watch sit on a shelf for two full days. You will  want it on your wrist everyday. Of course, if you do find this watch on your wrist, you will need to count yourself as one of the 20 luckiest people in the world, since the watch is limited to 20 pieces.

The watch uses a combination of white gold, Zalium, and Tourbillon bezel. You can see the watch mechanism whirring and churning from both the top and bottom of the watch. Be careful, you may get mesmerized by watching this watch turn those four dials and end up losing hours.



Via Harry Winston