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Harry Winston Opus Eleven

harry winston opus eleven

Watch making is a true art and the attention to detail is just mind blowing. At first glance, the Harry Winston Opus Eleven watch definitely looks intimidating. All the intricacies and movements will first throw you off but as you figure out where to look and how to read the watch you will not be able to get your eyes off its beauty. If you take a close look at the face, you will notice that only the hours are displayed right in the center of the watch every 60 minutes. Even though minutes are not shown as soon as that watch changes hours a spectacular transformation takes place.

Anarchy takes hold of the hours indication beneath the sapphire-crystal dome every 60 minutes. The numeral of the hour, assembled in the center of the circle, explodes into chaos before instantly reassembling as the new hour. It then remains still until the next disintegration. Instead of a hand, 24 placards revolve and rotate on a complicated system of gears mounted on an epicycloidal gear-train.

This is one of those watches that makes you think, who really owns this and what could they possibly do to afford it. This being said, this beast comes at a hefty price tag of $230,000 without diamonds. Thanks to the amazing people at Hodinkee we have some great watch footage.

open eleven watch mechanism