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Hublot Classic Fusion Limited Edition

hublot classic fusion

Any Hublot watch is an instant classic, but when you take look at the Hublot Classic Fusion Limited Edition you are stepping into very exclusive territory. This classic watch is being produced in two models, one with a leather strap and the other a rubber strap, both are limited to only 15 pieces worldwide, now that is real exclusivity. The standard model with its simple face is sheer beauty with its combination of black, silver, and a blue second hand. The chronograph edition, the one with the rubber strap, has a similar appearance with the blue second hand adding drama. Both watches feature 42 hour power reserves and water resistance to 50 meters.

The Standard edition is priced at just over $12,000 with the Chronograph edition priced around $15,500.



Via Airows and Hublot