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Hublot Key Of Time (You Control Time)

This is a masterpiece and a work of art. As a watch fanatic this one really grabs my attention.This watch is the second piece in the Masterpiece Collection from Hublot showcasing true beauty. The MP-02 is not just a watch but in fact a time savoring masterpiece which allows you to read the time in 3 different time measuring positions.

Postion 1: Allows you to actually slow down time! This actually means that the speed of the watch hands would be dividing time by 4, which also means that 1 conventional hour is actually represented as a quarter of an hour. (Who would have thought!)

Position 2: Essentially your normal hand speed, where 1 hour is equal to 1 full hour.

Position 3: Allows you to pass the time 4 times quicker. (Great for those long days at work)

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