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MUTA Military Watch for United Arrows

Muta for UA Military Watch

United Arrows may have one of the most impressive looking watches around.  It is not due to high sophistication, fancy exposed watch mechanisms, or extreme price.  No, this watch is impressive because of simple design, a highly readable face, and an outstanding price for a high-grade watch. The watch is made from a high-quality oversized stainless steel case with a perfect Swarovski crystal covering the ticking second hand.  The watch will be strapped to your wrist on a durable nylon woven band.

The MUTA watch costs only 26,250 Japanese Yen, or about $340.  The watch has the solid look and feel you would expect to find on an Army officer’s wrist.  It would be the perfect watch to wear into battle, whether you are fighting it out on the pool table, dart board, or in a hand of poker.

Via United Arrows