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Mute Watch

mute watch

What would you think of a watch which tells you nothing? Ok, the MuteWatch ($259) is actually not mute but an extremely clever and intriguing design for a watch. During most moments of the day the watch will look like a simple high quality bracelet in red, white, or the awesome charcoal grey. Then when you tap the flat surface the clock display flashes on and boldly tells you the time.

The time is set using the small touch screen housing the display. The watch uses a rechargeable battery system which lasts for approximately 2 weeks. When you get the warning the batteries are low just plug it into your USB port and let them recharge. All of these features already add up to one of the best gadgets for your wrist, but there is one even cooler feature.

The built-in alarm is motion sensitive. You can program in your appointments and wake-up times and have the watch vibrate a reminder to  your wrist. What the motion sensors allow the watch to accomplish is adjusting the strength of vibration to match your activity level to make sure you never miss your reminder.