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Omega Seamaster Bullhead

omega seamaster bullhead

It is rare for any premium watch company to succumb to the demands of their customers to re-release a limited edition watch, but Omega is taking that bold move. They are reinventing the popular Omega Seamaster Bullhead series with a few updates, but all the beauty and elegance of the previous edition. If you were one of those rabid fans of the Bullhead begging for it to be re-released, you better get in line fast. Omega is limiting production to the new Bullhead to 669 watches which will disappear fast. The watch features adjustment posts on the top and bottom edges of the watch, colorful blue and black numbers, and the high-quality leather band that previous Bullhead owners loved.

Omega has not announced the price of the new Seamaster Bullhead.

Via AcquireMag and Omega Watches