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Omega Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon Watch

omega dark side moon

Gloriously black. The Omega Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon Chronograph uses a deep black face, black case, and black band to give you one of the richest looking deep black watches on the market. The white bars for each hour pop off the black face making it easy to tell the time even on a pitch dark night. The white hands stand out from the back just as boldly so you will never question the time. It may feel a little eerie on a dark night to look at your wrist and only see the markings and the hands as the watch blends into the blackness.

The Speedmaster used Omega’s 1863 movement for perfect timekeeping. This is a manual winding movement that has a 48 hour reserve. The Dark Side of the Moon has water resistance down to 50 meters, but there is no mention of ¬†how well it will do on the moon, except the fact this is the same movement that has been used on the moon before.

Via Omega