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Seiko Astron GPS Solar Watch – Built for World Travelers

seiko astron watch

Dashing around the globe is great fun, at least if it is for pleasure and not business, but changing your watch every time you cross a time line stinks. The Seiko Astron GPS Solar Watch tackles the problem. It has a built-in low power GPS that tracks your location on the planet and automatically updates the time based on your location. Now, wherever you are, you have the right time. That feature alone may not be enough to convince you of how great the watch is, but a quick look at the pictures might. The watch features sapphire crystal that takes over 10 hours to polish to perfection. The watches bold black color with blue highlights looks stunning. The world map embossed on the face and time guide along the edge helps you keep track of your life as a jet-setter, too.

How much does this level of accuracy and auto-adjustment cost? Surprisingly, a watch this sophisticated, high-tech, and gorgeous is priced at only $2600.

Via Uncrate and Seiko Astron